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It's Always The Right Time To Talk About Project Management

Taking a course in project management isn't just for the general business major. Project management is used in every career, and no matter what your major is, you will benefit from the concepts taught. Two essential skills you are using (hopefully not lacking) are communication and time management. In this blog post, we will discuss these in project management and how they will improve your personal life.


At school, you send emails to your professors. At home, you send texts between friends. At work, you collaborate with coworkers. The common theme? Communication. It is inevitable. Rather virtual or face-to-face communicating is an essential aspect of our lives. We've all had group projects, and we know it's true - no two people are alike. Add change to that; without reliable communication, a disaster is sure to happen. Project management will teach you how to develop a communication plan to help mitigate a disaster's risk. You will plan what communication style will be used, who you are communicating to, how frequent the communication will be, and what information is being delivered. You will develop strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills that will follow you.

Time Management

Deadlines. They are everywhere. Homework assignments, task at work, bills. Managing time is crucial to be able to complete everything. Project management will teach you tools to help manage time. You will learn tools to prioritize tasks, multitask between them, and how to plan. At the end of the course, you will know how to identify tasks that impact completing the project on time and create a plan to schedule them accordingly.

Regardless of your major, take a project management course. You will get the chance to learn (and do) how projects are conducted in the 'real world'. Not only will you improve your communication and time management skills, but you will learn tools to help in the process.

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