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Course Description

In the course, you will be exposed to the basic principles of Project Management, effective teamwork, and collaboration. You will be prepared to understand key project management issues such as project initiation, planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk analysis, and quality management. Tools such as Microsoft Project will be explored to learn how to develop and track assigned projects.

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Topics that will be covered:
  • Lifecycle phases of an IT project

  • Five project management process groups and the ten knowledge areas.

  • Developing an IT project plan

  • Tools in IT project management

  • Risk management and how to mitigate


Course Requirements

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The only prerequisites needed to take CIS 4130 are admission to upper level and CIS 3000 (with a grade C or higher), which can be taken concurrently.

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Registration for Spring 2021 is October 29-January 7th. Except for periods of required closing. Check your registration time ticket here

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